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The starting point for a user research study is to agree a frame for the research. 

  1. What do want to learn

  2. What do we already know

  3. What are our assumptions

  4. How will we use the findings



The research design focusses on the individual elements that make a successful study. 

  1. What is the research question?

  2. How will we find the answer to that question?

  3. What data will that make visible?

  4. How will we make sense of the data?


The data that emerges from a research study is analysed.

  1. Is there evidence to answer the research question?

  2. What patterns / relationships exist?

  3. How can we make sense of those patterns

  4. Is the evidence reliable, valid and ethical?



The analysis creates actionable insights which are played back to the team:

 - User needs

 - Customer journey maps

 - Mindsets

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